Makesafe Security Solutions

Personal Safety Equipment & Corporate Security

Makesafe Security Solutions is an Australian owned business founded in January 2000 to provide security and risk management and prides itself as a progressive and flexible organisation. Makesafe’s core focus to clients is to provide cost effective, tailored security solutions and outcomes, which are successfully achieved by ensuring strong communication and transparency between your business and ours. Ideally this enables Makesafe to not only understand your security requirements but also the nature and operation of your business to better assist in adding value.

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Makesafe provides specialist and results orientated security solutions to a broad spectrum of corporate clients, across many industries including Tertiary, Industrial, Health, Commercial, Retail and Residential providing security solutions, protection and body guards equipped with stun guns.

Personal Safety Equipment Products

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Makesafe’s executive team is a diverse and experienced group, with over 60 year’s security industry knowledge. Makesafe has achieved a reputation as an industry leader in operational and account management service levels. We understand that your time is valuable and ensure that any queries are dealt with promptly with a view to achieving an agreed outcome that satisfies the client.

Our innovative web based reporting system has been specofocally designed to provide real time reporting structures with quantitative statistical information that can be easily migrated into any reporting format that suits the client.  This service is provided free to all clients.