Clock Stun Gun Safe

Not all Clock Stun Gun Safes are the same. At Guardian Gadgets Security the client has access to our Senior Management (the decision makers) 7 days a week, who have full authority to quickly and efficiently adjust your services to meet any change in circumstances you might experience.

This level of authority is unique in the industry, allowing you to bypass the various approval levels within other organisations that inevitably slow the process down, costing you money and potentially causing further harm to your business.

Our Control Room operators work within broad parameters and have been extensively trained in managing our Guardian team to quickly responed to increased demand or critical incident demands that may include mobilising a large number of Security Guards at short notice or participating in supporting the Guards on-site to deal with signifcant events.

Our primary concern is the protection of your personal safety and people. We’ll worry about the administrative stuff later and work proactively with you to evaluate the outcomes of any incident, adjusting and amending your security plan to support any future occurrence and provide stun gun protection and back up.

We do not charge additional fees for our consultation, advice, support or planning. We do not charge to attend meetings or desk top exercises. All of our support services are included in the price of your Security Guard to ensure your gun safes are the most secure on the market and that your personal safety and security is maximised.

Walking the exhibit hall at the NRA convention, we noticed this display of some innovative wall safes for guns. (Pay attention to the clock.)

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Devin Daniell
Devin Daniell1 year ago
“Couple of handguns, couple of clips…” Those are magazines, not clips.
Dave Bond
Dave Bond1 year ago
+Devin Daniell thanks, you beat me to it
Jormungand133241 year ago
All made in Virginia? sweet. wont have to go far if i order anything
Alan Adams
Alan Adams1 year ago
What’s a clip? I know what a magazine is but not a clip. Please help me.
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Alan Adams
Alan Adams1 year ago
+GreyWolfLeaderTW Thanks for the information…now someone needs to tell “TheBlaze.” (listen to the video and what he calls a magazine.
Alan Adams
Alan Adams1 year ago
+Zveir You got it Zveir. If your going to do a video about guns and gun safes maybe you should know the nomenclature before making a fool of yourself.
Sawan Arora
Sawan Arora1 year ago
I guess you could fill it full of clipp ‘o’ zines…